School Buses 

We avoid them. Don’t want to be stuck behind them while driving. Some of us purposely go a different route to try and get ahead of them (I do!). But…

A bus full of crazy kiddos brightened up my day.😂

At one of the stop lights on my way home from work, I was side by side with a school bus. Kids were waving like crazy and make funny faces. It was exactly what I needed! Lots of laughs!! After a long day of work, God knew that was the perfect medicine!

– Bethany 

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My friend told me about the #happyhourwithjamieivey. I highly recommend it! She does two weekly podcasts, one is an hour long and the other is a half hour.

All the women she has had as guests on her show (that I have listened to) are Christian women. They all have different backgrounds. Some are married and some are single…It is encouraging to me to hear honesty about what their walk with Christ looks like in different times of life. 

Refreshing to listen to and very encouraging!

Hope you start listening to The Happy Hour! I listen during my commute home from work!

Be blessed!