What’s in your DIY Pile?

Admit it, if you are like me, you constantly pick up items for DIY projects.

Here are my DIY projects that I have yet to do:

  1. Scrapbook from my trip to Disney World – from the 9th grade. I was really excited about this project (at the time). Seriously, all the supplies for this DIY scrapbook are still in a box. Laugh if you must…
  2. Yarn – I have yarn galore. There are so many different thing that I could crochet. Honestly, it is a little warm here in Texas. Any DIY’s involving yarn are not high on my list.
  3. Painting – I have acrylic paint along with two different size canvases to paint on.
  4. Spring Cleaning – clean out my closet, organize everything, go through everything – set aside what I have not been using for the last year. Obvious factor – everything you want to donate will have to sit for awhile. (Unless it is canned goods in your pantry, lots of missions and local food pantries are running low on basic items. Just FYI.)
  5. As you are going through your clothes for spring cleaning, are there any with holes that need fixing? any with missing buttons? – You have plenty of time now to fix all your clothes so they are like new again. 🙂
  6. Hemp and beads – I could use these supplies to make all sorts of jewelry items.
  7. Copy recipes – My mom has given me a recipe box that has been stored away. This is great time to email or talk to that person who made whatever dish that you loved so much and copy down the recipe. I have a lot that I need to write out.
  8. Redecorate – use what you already have to redecorate. Have you stored spring decor items away in your attic or closet. When I was reorganizing my closet (No, I have not finished yet.), I discover a lot of decor items stored away. Get creative!

These are my main projects on my DIY list. What are yours?

Homework: Make a list of DIY projects you have all the stuff to complete and yet never have. 🙂


Until next time,


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Creator and Founder of the Motivation Collective

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