Create a Playlist

I love listening to my music, and I really enjoy creating my own playlists.

Creating a playlists for music legitimately can take a chunk of time. Let me walk you through my process.

I think about these questions.

  1. What type of playlist do you want to create? Do you want your music to be just one genre? Do you want there to be a theme?
  2. How many songs do you want there to be – 25/50/100? In my opinion, the longer the better.
  3. Once I decide genre or theme, I start scrolling through my library and adding songs.
  4. I can get lost doing this. It can take up to an hour or so to add all the songs that I desire into one playlist.

Steps for Creating a New Playlist in iTunes

1.  Open iTunes

2. To create a new playlist – Go to File > New > (Click on) Playlist

4. Name your playlist

5. Once you name your playlist, it is automatically added under ‘Music Playlists’ under the left side panel.

6. Now, click on the playlist name.

7. (Optional Step) I suggest clicking on the blue circle with 3 centered dots (to the right of the playlist name). Select the ‘Open in New Window’. Then you can drag and drop songs/albums into your playlist.

8. If you do not want to open your blank playlist in a new window, you can continue to select/add music by left clicking and adding to your new playlist, or you can drag and drop to the playlist name on the left side panel.


Some days I prefer listening to podcasts rather than my music.

Did you know you can create a playlist for your podcasts?

It is the same steps as above to create a new playlist for listening to your podcasts.


Hope you have some fun creating some new playlists!

Bethany 🙂






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