fullsizeoutput_631 Announcing my new store on Redbubble called the Motivation Collective (Link to store @MotivationCo)!

Over the last months, I have started creating a lot of artwork, and I decided to open this store in order to share it with anyone and everyone.

My purpose in creating the Motivation Collective is
all about helping the entrepreneur, professional, stay at home mom, etc. to stay motivated throughout each day.

Personally, I always find extra motivation to be useful and a great help anytime of the day.

Creating artwork is a great encouragement and reward in and of itself.

Love being able to share my artwork with you! Link to my store can also be found up above in the navigation bar.

2 thoughts on “MotivationCo

  1. Wonderful, Bethany! I cannot wait to see what you have in your store! What a great idea…and so true…we all need positive motivation!!! 💜


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