Instead of Watching TV

I do not know about you, but when I want to relax that equals, “what can I do that does not involve thinking?”

Most of the time, I turn the TV on. Right?!?

Maybe that is not the wisest choice all the time. After a while, it gets a little old (personally).

3 things I have started doing instead of watching TV:


Let’s face it…How many books do you own (paper or ebooks) that you still have not read?

I know I have an outrageous amount of books that I have yet to read. In an effort to become more intentional, I have started a habit of blocking out time one or two days a week to read.

Honestly, I am in the middle of reading 3 to 4 books. Here they are:

I have just started this book. It has given me a lot to think about. I bought this book after attending IF:gathering. Have always enjoyed listening to Jo on various podcasts.
It’s been an interesting read. I feel like he repeats himself a lot. I do not usually read books like this and it is a book that has been good to read in bits and pieces.

Also, I love to read different books a chapter at a time. Over the course of 3 years, I have been reading “Garlic and Sapphires” by Ruth Reichl. I highly recommend this book! It has been such a fun read! It is about her life as a food critique. Yes, you might get hungry reading about some of the food she eats. (Confession: I have. lol!)

Another book I have been reading a chapter at a time is ‘Everybody Always’ by Bob Goff. This book is stretching my thinking as well. I would still consider it to be an easy read. Most chapters I can finish reading in and around 10 minutes, and I am a slow reader.

Audio Books

Yes, audible is great! I have become addicted off and on. I still have a handful of audio books from audible that I have yet to listen to.

Still in the middle of:

  1. ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ by James Herriot
  2. ‘She’s Still There’ by Chrystal Evans Hurst

If you are thinking, ‘Bethany, I don’t need to be spending anymore money.’ Hey, I get that! As long as you have a non-expired library card with the ‘Libby’ app you can listen to free audio books from your local library.

Awesome! Right?!?


I am addicted to podcasts. They are completely free.

Go exploring. There are so many different genres.

Primarily, I listen to faith related podcasts. They keep me encouraged and I learn a lot.

My top podcasts that I listen to are:

  1. ‘Going Scared’ by Jessica Honegger
  2. Catalyst – Leadership Podcast
  3. ‘The Happy Hour’ by Jamie Ivey

Bethany 🙂

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