Calling All Leaders!

If you are a leader, one of the best things you can constantly do is learn. Do you agree?


Podcast are completely free. Right now, this market is flooded with more and more people starting their own podcast to help monetize whatever they do.

Often forgotten, podcasts are a great free resource to learn.

I am going to share some of my favorite podcasts with you.


  1. Typology with Ian Morgan Cron is a podcast all about the enneagram. (If you don’t know this, I love the enneagram!) It gives you valuable insight into certain personality types and even into yourself.
  2. Entreleadership – Different guest with different topics relating to everyday business and leadership topics (geared more towards entrepreneurs).
  3. Catalyst Leadership Podcast – What does leadership look like? This podcast answers that from a variety of angles. (Most topics are tackled from a Christian worldview.)

Hope you give these podcasts a listen!

Bethany 🙂

Published by helloiambethany

Creator and Founder of the Motivation Collective

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