Better Things Ahead

When you commit to something new it seems like a shiny, happy, and exciting idea.

I knew financial services and sales would be a huge stretch for me. I am an introvert. Not as shy as I used to be. Still…I am a quieter personality type. Not the normal outgoing sales persona.

I am okay with that. I love who I am. Why is it all the perceptions and pictures in your head get you every time?

I thought finding people to network with would be easier. This cannot be a thing of the past. There are other people in sales. Small businesses that find customers. How do they reach people?

Social media helps. I know. It cannot be solely relied upon. Right?!?

So many questions. So many thoughts. This journey, I have a feeling, is going to be very comical and filled with challenges.

Published by helloiambethany

Creator and Founder of the Motivation Collective

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