Don’t Give Up

Here are some valuable things I have learned during my job searches:

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

  1. Make sure to keep your resume up-to-date.
  2. You never know who you may run into that can network you to a new job. Practice your elevator pitch. What are your skills? What are looking for in a new job? etc…
  3. @themuse (on Instagram) is my favorite place to search for available jobs. They do an amazing job at providing you as the job seeker a big picture of what the work environment is like. That’s so important when looking for a new job!
  4. Post an updated resume on every job search website: Career Builder, Monster, LinkedIn – Most of my jobs have come from recruiters looking at Monster or Career Builder.
  5. Reach out to staffing agencies like Adecco or Robert Half – They can tell you what types of jobs they have been looking for new hires.
  6. LinkedIn – Yes, you need a LinkedIn account if you do not have one. Use it like an electronic resume. Make sure that you have updated it like your resume. In order to get more exposure with recruiters, update/change something within your profile every few days. This refreshes search engine optimization (SEO).

Hope these tips help you with your job search!

Bethany 🙂

Published by helloiambethany

Creator and Founder of the Motivation Collective

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