Hey Everyone!

So much has happened over these last weeks! I have been re-evaluating my blog and how I want to keep it going in the years to come, and I decided to start completely fresh.

Like I said, a lot has happened!

3 New & Exciting Changes


There will be a shift in my sites subject to reflect my subtitle.

Enjoying the little things.


As of today, gratitude is officially the core focus of my blog.


If you have not already noticed, I have updated the theme design to something more simple and reflective of the blog itself.

My brand colors have always been blue, mustard, and coral.

I love colors! Do you know that colors have meaning?

Blue – calm, peace, success, purpose

Mustard – warmth, joy, positivity, curiosity

Coral – invigorating, welcoming, acceptance, individuality


The newest addition to my blog is premium content! I am going to be sharing a once a month newsletter/blog about my journey in building my small business.

It will include:

  1. Free resources
  2. Recommendations
  3. Motivation
  4. Occasional freebies

Just to let you know, this is annual membership for ONLY $1 dollar a month!

Subscribe to get access

Read more of this content when you subscribe today.

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