The Best Time To Start Budgeting

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There is no better time than the present.


Forming New Habits

I know that when I think about starting any type of new habit it can be completely and utterly overwhelming!

Did you know that it takes three weeks of consistently doing anything new to turn it into a new habit?

Budgeting isn’t just a stand-alone habit. On top of creating a monthly budget:

  1. You begin to have an awareness of how much you’re spending.
  2. You need to spend bits of time to track expenses.
  3. Plan on how much money you are going to set aside for investing in your future & saving money.

That handful of little habits that follow can feel like that monkey on your back that you would rather just do without. Now you resort to living back in the status quo. Not good!

Focus On Your Future

If you choose to live the same way you always have known, will that end up giving you a more fruitful future? No, it won’t.

Forming New Habits Are Never An Easy Thing To Do

(or else I would have started that daily yoga practice years ago – Lol!)

It’s always going to be a recognition process and willingness to make sacrifices to build a better future, not just for you, but for your family as well! Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes.

A Pep Talk To Get You Started

The sooner you start budgeting on a regular basis the more money you will save:

  • For your retirement
  • For a house
  • For that vacation
  • For a new car
  • For your kids’ college funds

When you start to budget, you grow awareness of how much money you are spending on a weekly or monthly basis.

Budgeting gives you an incentive to purposefully save your money.

  • You may have thought you didn’t have any possible way of saving for that thing.
  • After budgeting, you recognize (for example) how much money you were spending going out to eat nearly every day.
  • What if you limited your spending in that area of your budget?
  • Now you can save up for that thing a lot sooner than you thought you could.

Amazing! Right?

I hope you will start budgeting today!

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