Learning On-The-Go

My #1 Go-To Free Learning Resource

As a copywriter, I am always always always looking for inspiration. Keeping those creative juices flowing is a must for writing new and exciting copy.

Plus, I love learning!

Want To Know My Go-To Resource?


There is incredible variety these days more than ever before.

It has become so easy to produce your own podcast that more and more people are creating their own to help grow their businesses.

The best thing about most podcasts is they are entirely free!

Let me walk you through how to build your very own podcast library today!

Are You Using IOS or Android?

Podcast app for Apple users

Top Recommended app for Android users

Once you have downloaded one of the above, what kind of podcasts will you start listening to?

How I Became Addicted To Podcasts

My friend had been teaching overseas, and she was back in the states for a short stint before going back. I was so grateful to reconnect with her over the phone because I didn’t know if we would have the time to see each other in person. (By the way, we did!)

During her drive time back and forth to see family and friends, she discovered this podcast called, ‘The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.’

I remember her telling me all about it. How listening to podcasts had helped her pass the time.

Years later, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. The only job I was able to find was clear across town. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a fun commute! Thank goodness for my friend telling me about podcasts! Those drives home became a bright spot in my day.

This led to discovering one of my favorite podcasts to this day! –>

Annie talks about all sorts of topics related to Christian living and fun things to do.

Her laugh is contagious and listening to this podcast always gave me something to look forward to!

Yes, I still listen to this podcast today!


I did discover that last year I had subscribed to about 35 podcasts. Lol! Going into 2022, one of the things I did was whittle down my podcast picks, which led me to find more favorites. Y’all, I wasn’t joking when I said I am addicted to podcasts. Lol!

Here are my current podcast picks:

If you were ever a fan of Alias, ‘True Spies’ and ‘The Great James Bond Car Robbery’ might pique your interest. ‘True Spies’ is nearly as addicting as Alias (to me anyway). That is saying something!

‘Ologies’ by Alie Ward is one of those podcasts that I pick topics from her show that interest me. This is a jam-packed show for lifelong learners. Let me emphasize that it is heavy on the learning side of science. I still have not made it through a whole episode. It is still fascinating material and has always been a fun listen.

Saving the best for last, ‘The Gracelaced Podcast’ with Ruth Chou Simons. This is another podcast related to Christian living. Her perspective on life is a breath of fresh air! So glad she started this podcast! I highly recommend it!

I hope with all these free podcasts at your fingertips you will dive back into learning!

Some Simple Tips & Tricks To Help You Get Started:

  1. Figure out what genres you are interested in listening to or what you want to learn about.
  2. The great thing about the Apple podcast app is there are always good recommendations on the home page.
  3. Whenever you find a new podcast, I suggest you listen to one show before subscribing.
  4. Most shows crank out one show a week.

Happy listening!

Bethany 😊

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