Simple Social Media Post Tips to Accommodate Your Comfort Zone

As an enneagram 9, it’s a rare event that I show my face on my social media channel. I do on occasion take a selfie to let everyone know I am alive. Lol! I have only done one live video. No reels. That’s how it will stay.

This process is a slow growing social media strategy. Honestly, I prefer this strategy over any other because I want people to stick with me for the long-haul.


With the popularity of reels on the rise, it is a common misconception that reels need to feature you in-person on every single reel. Nope, not at all!

Reels are short video clips relating to the content or copy you are posting.

Yes, they do provide you with more exposure of your brand, blog, or business.

How often you want to create opportunities for growth for your brand, blog, or business is up to you. It takes a little more time and planning to add reels into your feed on a regular basis.

Is it worth it? Yes.

Carousel Posts

If you are against video & reels, let me introduce you to carousel posts.

Carousel posts are up to 10 photos or videos that users swipe left to see.

Personally, I don’t always swipe left to see all the quotes, photos, or video clips on a carousel post. Do you what happens as a result? The same post with a different photo or video keeps showing up in my feed until I’ve seen the whole carousel.

What does that mean for you when you publish a carousel post? You have as many opportunities for engagement as the amount of photos or videos that you choose to post in your carousel. Isn’t that encouraging?

For example, you are wanting to promote your blog about your newest recipe. Reuse photos from your blog post in your carousel post. Most likely, you have provided your audience with some photographic step-by-step visual comparison so they know what the finished dish or dessert should look like. Right? By posting a carousel, you are creating multiple opportunities for people to engage even further by clicking that recipe link in your bio.

Single Posts

Of course, you have the simple singular photo posts.

What makes single posts a significant success in reaching more people?

It’s a combination of a quality caption with relevant hashtags.

Check out my IG feed for some inspiration for your IG feed.

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