Financial Freedom Starts Here

Learning about finance is the first step to pursuing financial freedom.

Your Perception of Finance

I know…You are thinking finance is so boring. I’ve never cared about finance. What difference will it make in my life? Right?

Especially if math is a subject you have vowed to avoid for the rest of your life, I know that your thoughts tend to go straight to associating finance with numbers, accounting, and balancing spreadsheets. Am I right?

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you and explain piece by piece why finance is so important, and answer why learning about finance is the vital first step in pursuing financial freedom.

Time to Shift Your Perspective About Finance

Finance is a culmination of many financial concepts and skills like budgeting. (Yes, budgeting is a skill.)

For example, most of us over the holidays indulged in eating pie. I don’t know about you, but I love a good pumpkin pie. During Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season is the only time you’ll find Costco’s pumpkin pie. People, it is huge. (Just look at the picture below) I could never ever finish a pie like that by myself. Could you?

Taken by: Kathleen Collins – Costco Pumpkin Pie Facts

Picture finance as a big Costco-size pumpkin pie.

Most of the time when anyone says, ‘You need to learn about finance.’ It’s overwhelming and by association impossible, like the thought of eating this whole pie by yourself.

What if you could digest finance a piece at a time?

Let’s refresh our memory and look at the definition of finance.

Finance is defined as the management of money and includes activities such as investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting.

Corporate Finance Institute

According to the definition, learning about finance includes:

  1. budgeting
  2. saving
  3. investing
  4. forecasting
  5. borrowing
  6. lending

The thought of learning about finance as a whole may be overwhelming.

When you shift your perspective of finance and recognize that finance is made up of many pieces, subjects you can learn one at a time, it becomes more of a doable goal or task.

If you need more convincing…

Answer these questions:

  1. Can you learn about budgeting?
    1. How to budget?
  2. Do you know what saving money is? Can you learn more about saving money? (Most people know what saving money looks like. It’s the follow-through that slows our ability to lead financially independent lives.)
  3. Can you learn how to invest your money?
  4. Financial forecasting is a financial plan that estimates your projected income and projected expenses. When you learn how to budget, you’ve also conquered forecasting. Woohoo!
  5. Can you learn about applying for a student, car, or home loan?
  6. Can you learn about lending money?

I hope you responded, “Yes, I can.” to every one of these questions.

Learning About Finance Is The First Step To Financial Freedom

Knowledge itself is power.

Sir Francis Bacon

As you realize that you can learn about each piece of finance at a gradual pace, I hope you feel more confident to start this journey.

Warning ⚠️

Beware of misconceptions and beliefs that you have heard over the years and chosen to believe.

Whether you are just starting to learn about all the pieces of finance for the first time, or you have recognized that you need a do-over, there are two key things to remember:

  1. Use reliable resources to learn about finance.
    1. Who is a trustworthy resource for truthful financial information? – I’m talking about someone renown in the field of finance like Dave Ramsey. Just an example.
    2. You can always book a consultation with me. I possess a certification in financial coaching (Proof I know about every aspect of finance.)
  2. Give yourself some grace and time to really absorb the material you are learning.

Don’t Stop

As you commit to learning about finance piece by piece, you gain knowledge and a perspective shift to adopt and use with your finances.

After all, finance helps you make better and healthier decisions with your money.

Decide today to take the first step to financial freedom.

Start Your Financial Coaching Journey Today!

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