My Sunday Playlist

Great worship songs for today! 🙌🏻

  1. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin
  2. No One Like You (version by BarlowGirl)
  3. My Glorious by Delirious?
  4. Holy Spirit (version by Francesca Battistelli)
  5. Give You Glory by Jeremy Camp
  6. You Invite Me In by Meredith Andrews
  7. Anything by PFR
  8. More Than Conquerors by Rend Collective
  9. Sing Praises by Third Day
  10. Living Water by Ellie Holcomb

Hope y’all have a blessed Sunday!

– Bethany 🙂

A Lesson from Stryper

There are just some days when God uses certain songs to speak to my soul (He knows I love music!). Today was one of those days.

I had gotten through a long hard day at work. As I walked out the door (end of the work day), I found myself in a funk.

Why was I feeling this way? I don’t know. Yes, I had a hard day at work. My definition…A hard day, in my opinion, is when you get lots of good work done (accomplish what you need to for that day), but you may have made a mistake or two.

I was letting this work day weigh me down on me like a sack of bricks!

My routine before I pull out of the parking lot at work is to turn on whatever I am going to listen to on my iPhone, start the car, and drive home. Today, I wanted to listen to my music. I have my different playlists I create on iTunes. The one I have been listening to the most is my 89.7 Powerfm playlist. I made sure that ‘To Hell with the Devil’ by Stryper was on it.

Driving down the freeway, it was the second song that came on (purely God’s timing!). While the intro was playing I realized the sole reason I was in this funk was only because of the Enemy. He was using this hard day and trying to turn it into a miserable one.

I just had to laugh!! I cannot believe I fell for His schemes. It is so easy to get sucked in, isn’t it?

So thank you so much Stryper! That song spoke to my soul today.

Bethany 🙂