What To Do

Announcing the last blog post in this series ‘What To Do’!

This Friday I will post the last post in this series. It has been amazing how sharing about life with you has caused a ripple effect in my life.

Personally, I have been more joyful and busy with everyday life. More vocal and involved on social media.

Thank you for letting me share my ramblings. Giving you ideas on ‘What To Do’.

As an introvert, this new time of life that we have found ourselves in has been somewhat easy for me. I still miss seeing my friends and family. I am going a little bit stir crazy myself. This is partly of my own doing…lol!

My Next Series – Wellness

As we move forward with our lives, there is going to be a new normal in everyday living.

It is important that we do not live in fear. There is a lot to be done for our physical, emotional, and mental well being.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My last post from my ‘What To Do’ series will post this Friday after 5:30PM CST.

Until then…

Bethany 🙂

Start to Journal

During this time I have started to nurture the habit of writing in a journal. Over the years, I do not know how many times I have received a journal as a gift. I stock piled a good number of them for the longest time. In the last two years, I decided to use each journal for a different purpose.

Currently, I am using seven journals. I do not constantly write in all seven.

  • I have one that I use like a diary. This is the one I use the most.
  • One I use for career related ideas, goals, or writing.
  • Another for list making – On days that I need a distraction, I come up with fun subjects like ‘My Favorite Spring Flowers’. Then I sit and list as many items as possible.
  • One of my other journals I use to write down songs that inspire me. There are certain days when certain songs really tug at my heart strings. I want to remember those moments.

Recently, I started writing in another journal. @artist.and on Instagram posts daily writing ✍️ prompts for songwriters (No, I am not a songwriter.). Hosted by @christawellsmusic. Y’all, I love the challenges that she gives. I do not use these prompts to write every single day. On random days, I look up what her writing prompt of the day is and use it to journal about whatever comes to mind in relation to that prompt. I love that she always shares what inspired that particular prompt.  (@artist.and on Instagram)


Did you know that keeping a journal is a great way to reduce stress?

Check out this article. – Journaling for Mental Health


Why do I journal?

I am an introvert. I can get easily stressed out and anxious. Sometimes, I do not even realize I am stressed or anxious until I journal. The nice thing about journaling is no one has to read your journal except for you (if you want to) later on. There is no need to worry about perfect grammar. Afterwards, I feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders.

& Why do I have so many journals?

There are some days that I do not need to strictly write out what is going on in life. I have other journals like the one I use for my lists. This still takes a little bit of brain power. It is fun to think about certain things like, what are your dream vacation spots? or What are going to do when Covid-19 is gone? Like I shared, I may learn how to be more like an extrovert.

I encourage you to consider starting a habit of journaling.

Until next time…

Bethany 🙂