Tea in a Tea Cup

What is it about drinking tea that is so relaxing? It helps me to de-stress, slow down, and enjoy the little things.

Lately, I have rediscovered what fun it can be to drink tea in an actual tea cup. 😱😆 It is like the cherry on top, adding that extra bit of happiness to this relaxing afternoon ritual.

So…Enjoy the little things!

Bethany 😁

My 52 List Project

Just because of life in general I decided to start the 52 List Project. Today, I am doing list 3 (not actually list 3). I am skipping around and picking/choosing the lists I want to do.

List 3: List Your Dream Trips

  1. Ride the Orient Express to Venice, Italy.
  2. Visit the Shire (the set of LOTR) in New Zealand
  3. London, England
    • Visit the British Museum & Library
    • Visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum
    • Ride the Eye
    • Walk the Thames River
    • Go to Churchill’s War Room
    • Kew Gardens
    • Have afternoon/high tea
  4. Jerusalem
  5. Rome – visit & tour ruins
  6. Yukon in the fall
  7. Egypt

– Bethany