Bird Watching

The cooler weather has been incredible. I have taken advantage!

Yesterday, I sat outside for about 20mins watching a family of cardinals hanging out around the bird feeders in the backyard.

Cardinals are so so pretty! The male always wakes me up around 6AM singing his little heart out. Every single day I’m thinking, ‘How can you be so perky without caffeine?’. Really?!?

When I was sitting outside today, I saw a blue heron fly on by.

Take some time to enjoy the little things around you like the flowers and the birds.

My mom’s rose bushes have exploded. So beautiful! Wanted to share.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Until next time…

Bethany 😁

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

This post is tied in with my last blog post, Start to Journal.

Having a gratitude journal is great way to recognize the many blessings that we possess.

I’m not talking about just the big things. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to enjoy the little things in life.

  1. Tea
  2. Roses
  3. Computer glasses
  4. Playing cards
  5. Lapdesk

The challenge is to think of 5 things everyday that you are grateful for and write them within a journal.

Stay well!

Until next time…

Bethany 🙂