Spring is Nearly Here

I love winter! Mainly because in Texas it is the only time of the year that I can wear layers, cute sweaters, and scarves.

Spring is a fun season too! Bringing in flowers of all colors and birds of all kinds.

Today, I sat and watched as a handful of different species of birds (cardinals, woodpecker, and finches) ate and ate from the feeders in the backyard. It was so relaxing and entertaining to see all the different birds in action.

In times of uncertainty, it is an amazing reminder of what a creative and faithful God I serve.

(I tried to get a few pics with my Nikon, but the battery was completely dead. Oh,well!)

Until next time…

Bethany 🙂

What’s Your Word for 2020? (Part 1 of 2)

The first time I heard of adopting a ‘word of the year’ was through ‘The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey’ (a podcast). I was not convinced that this was something I was ever going to do. At the time, five or six years ago, I was not a goal setter, list maker, or planner (if you get the picture..lol). If you are going to adopt a word for a whole year, this probably means that you need to work towards some goals in life. So I did not go and take the ‘word of the year’ test.

As Instagram became more popular, I started to follow all these podcasters, writer, and artists in my Instagram feed. And…Guess what popped up again?

Yep, what’s your word for 2018?

Finally, I broke down and took the test.

My word for 2018 was joy. It was one of the hardest years to live through. I had to quit my job to move back to the DFW area. Back to job hunting again…I could still not afford to live on my own. My gracious parents let me live at home. Bottom line, this is not the life that I would have ever pictured for myself.

(If you can relate to what I just shared above, I encourage you to do a deep dive chapter study into Jeremiah 29. As you are studying ask the four question – When? Where? Who? Why?)

2018 was filled with disappointments and heartbreak. It was also filled with lots of joy. I discovered that joy is more than a happy mood. It is a choice to trust that God will fulfill his promises. Y’all it took me the whole entire year of 2018 to learn this truth.

Click on the link below if you are interested:

Find your word for 2020

To be continued…

Bethany 🙂