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Sound Waves

Brainwave Change Tension headaches are the worst part of stress. I do not get them as much as I used to thanks to chiropractic care. #1 thing I would highly recommend if you frequent tension headaches or migraines is to go see a chiropractor. #2 thing I would recommend is this app Do you listenContinue reading “Sound Waves”

Yoga with Adriene

If you love yoga or want to learn yoga this is the YouTube channel for you! I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to get into a regular practice of daily yoga. I appreciate Adriene and how she explains specific poses and beginner modifications. For example, she is clear to explain thatContinue reading “Yoga with Adriene”

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Hi, I’m Bethany. Born and raised in Texas. I am a quiet and down-to-earth person who loves Jesus, reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and drinking tea. Read more

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