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Leave Your Stress At The Door! A Simple Solution To Unload Your Stress

Stress can be damaging to our bodies in so many ways. As an introvert, I can testify that sometimes I am completely unaware of my stressful circumstances until I feel the dreaded canker sores in my mouth. Can you relate? For Whatever Stresses You Journaling is a habit that has excellent health benefits. Don’t Take […]

Financial Freedom Starts Here

Learning about finance is the first step to pursuing financial freedom. Your Perception of Finance I know…You are thinking finance is so boring. I’ve never cared about finance. What difference will it make in my life? Right? Especially if math is a subject you have vowed to avoid for the rest of your life, I […]

Simple Social Media Post Tips to Accommodate Your Comfort Zone

As an enneagram 9, it’s a rare event that I show my face on my social media channel. I do on occasion take a selfie to let everyone know I am alive. Lol! I have only done one live video. No reels. That’s how it will stay. This process is a slow growing social media […]

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The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.


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